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The Honey Badger, or Ratel as it is known in South Africa, is perhaps the most stubborn, determined The Honey Badger.and feared animal for its size in Africa. It is also one of the most adept and clever creatures, perfectly attuned to live in its environment. Its bad reputation amongst humans probably stems from the raids it makes on bee hives and chicken coups. Giving vent to the most fearsome growls and showing its formidable teeth, it will attack anyone who tries to stop it. Furthermore, it is reputed to always attack the groin of any large animal in its way. The Honey Badger is a specialist, employing methods and surviving in a way that no other animal could endure. How it detects the larvae of dung beetles, buried two feet under the ground, is still a mystery.

Is the Honey Badger, beehive-raider and fearless African predator, really the meanest animal in the world? This film reveals that the Honey Badger, like all “dangerous” animals,Honey Badger emerging from termite mound. is in fact a highly intelligent and fascinating creature, that only becomes aggressive in pursuit of prey or when defending itself against attack.

  • Available in: English, KiSwahili
  • Running Time: 1 hour

Compassion is the basis for all conservation. The more people learn about the “weird and wonderful” creatures of Africa, the more they will act to conserve them. AEFF’s films illustrate that every animal plays its part in the maintenance of a healthy and diverse environment, on which all life – human animal and plant – ultimately depends.